Zuhause ist es doch am schönsten

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Rayo’s Sicht

Juhu! Wieder daheim. Am Anfang fand ich es noch gut, mir den Wind um die Nase wehen zu lassen. Doch dann stellte ich fest, dass das überhaupt kein Ende mehr nimmt. Und dann diese brütende Hitze! Nichts für mich. Bei über 25° C will ich eigentlich nur noch das nötigste gehen und dann an einem kühlen, schattigen Ort entspannen. Das einzig coole war in der Donau zu plantschen und bei Marta Essen mitzunaschen. Die gab mir noch mehr als sonst von ihrem Essen. Da hat wohl das schlechte Gewissen mitgespielt.
Home, sweet home. Jetzt weiß ich das Nichtstun so richtig zu schätzen.

2 thoughts on “Zuhause ist es doch am schönsten

  1. Hi Rayo, Schtelllla speakingsss. I have been here in the west of Ireland, so busy watching over the family and the home. So many people, and birds. they are weird. so many of them. And chase flies and watch a WHOLE beach everyday. Why did yous guys not come here. No thunder and not so warm(although i had to go to a mini dog prison on a ship to get here without any crime being committed or trial in front of a judge). Any way perhaps soon a water bowl to share in sunny vienna? its so rainy here for a little princess puppy. Woof woof hamham Wauwau. Und Lg nach Marta

    1. Hi Schtella! So glad to hear from you! Sorry to hear about your dog prison. Stupid humans!
      I have been recovering the last few days. But now I’m completely heartbroken again. I have to live with another human… She gave me awaaayyy!!! I miss my routine! My home. My bed. My boring human. At least I have a garden here. So I can listen to the mice in the bushes chattering all day.
      So stupid, we had to go with the wobbly, ratteling caravan in that killing heat. You could not sleep in there, I can tell you. And you know, how I need my 16 hours of sleep every day. If not, I get kranky.
      Yeah hope to see you soon. I’m with a human called Leonie, now. Call her. Your human has her number, I think. So we can meet up.
      Ceeers! Wooooof! Rayo

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